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F1 Legend Hails Frank Bruno as Boxing Legend Recalls 20 Year Old Institutional Trauma for Greater Good

Published 09/22/2023, 1:29 PM EDT

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The pursuit of mental health has gained traction in the recent past. And we’re glad that it has. No matter what you do or who you are, at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. F1 has been at the forefront of racing tech. However, the sport, owing to its global reach, is more than just a weekend escape. The sport owes a greater responsibility to the common masses: us fans. Rather, the wider sporting industry does so, too. Luckily for us, the message has gotten through.

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Boxing and F1 are in many ways similar disciplines. At least in the mental grit department. Throughout history, F1 drivers and boxing stalwarts have been idolized by millions who witness these spectacles. Hence, when it comes to such sensitive topics such as mental health, it’s gratifying to see that our idols don’t shy away from recognizing each other.

F1 legend showers heaps of praise on boxing legend for invaluable contribution to mental health’s cause


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Equality and diversity are born in the modern era. However, if you thought that even the greats of this world were immune from the harsh realities of the world we live in, then Frank Bruno has a rude awakening for you.

Speaking about the time when in 2003 he was institutionalized for mental health concerns, Bruno wrote on social media, “Morning 20 years ago today I was sectioned for the 1st time it was a horrible experience too detailed to put on a social media post. The only positive from that day for me is the awareness of Mental Health all over the UK. My main problem there is still lots of talk but far more actions need to be taken & our Government need to put their hand in their pockets & actually address Mental Health issues properly not just talk about it.”


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On this, 1996 F1 world champion, Damon Hill, gave Bruno credit and respect where it was due. He reposted Bruno’s post on his Instagram story and wrote, “Frank is a legend. For more than one reason.”

While Hill gave credit to Bruno for his work on mental health awareness, the cause may be far too close to the Brit’s heart given his own experience with Williams.

Damon Hill opens up about mental health issues after Williams’ atrocities

Damon Hill is one of the select few to boast of winning an F1 world championship. Yet, in 1996 when he was on the verge of becoming a world champion, Frank Williams & Co. were already plotting his exit. That must’ve been a bitter pill to swallow for the Brit who was sacked just on the eve of his championship.


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Ever since he’s struggled with depression. He told The Guardian, “I didn’t know why I should be feeling that when I apparently should be one of the happiest men alive. It is possible for people to have a blip and get a handle on it. I had a period in my career where I was very depressed about the way things were going. Sometimes you only need a few tips to put what you’re doing into some context – it’s very easy to feel responsible for so much as a sportsperson, for your team and your fans.”


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Could Damon Hill have won more championships with Williams?

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