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The 2023 Mexican Grand Prix is shaping up to be a thrilling race, with a grid penalty for Logan Sargeant causing quite a stir among fans. The FIA’s decision to impose a 10-place grid penalty on Sargeant for overtaking Tsunoda under yellow flags has sparked passionate debates on social media.

Sargeant’s defense, claiming he saw a green panel up ahead, hasn’t swayed the FIA stewards, who are known for their strict adherence to the rules. While some fans are outraged by the decision, others are finding the humor in the situation, with some clever observations and witty remarks making the rounds on social media.


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Four Formula 1 drivers, namely Max Verstappen, George Russell, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton, faced scrutiny for alleged impeding during the qualifying round. Observers noted that Verstappen’s Red Bull was positioned at the front of the pit lane, potentially complicating the path for following drivers. This situation bears resemblance to an incident in Singapore where Verstappen was previously reprimanded. Subsequently, the FIA acknowledged that their decision during that event might have been in error.

After a three-hour deliberation post-session, the FIA decided not to take any further action. Their reasoning was rooted in a safety perspective: they deemed it more prudent to have potential obstructions in the pit lane rather than on the racetrack. But that wasn’t the end of the developments.

Fans express their frustration with the FIA

One fan made the very logical point:

The FIA’s decision raises questions about consistency. It would be beneficial to have clear guidelines on the matter.

Another fan, in pure incredulity, exclaimed,

Our hearts do go out to Logan Sargeant though. As one fan sympathetically put it,

Yet, fans were quick to point out perceived injustices:

There’s also this tweet that has garnered attention:

Lewis Hamilton‘s supporters, as well as those who may not support him, are also joining the conversation:

While another commented:

One fan shared a meme:

Additionally, among the notable reactions:


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Many more fans are questioning the association’s consistency in penalty assignments. Sargeant seems to be at the center of sympathy, with fans feeling he’s unfairly targeted. There’s a notable sentiment of perceived favoritism towards racers like Max and Lewis Hamilton, intensifying claims of bias. The overall mood is one of frustration and skepticism towards the FIA’s actions.


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The F1 community’s spirit and fervor are undeniable. Their impassioned discussions and banter showcase a deep love and commitment to the sport. Here’s to more thrilling races and the spirited debates that accompany them!

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