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F1 News: Work On F1 2021 Rules Package Is Well Underway

F1 News: Work On F1 2021 Rules Package Is Well Underway

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To a sport ever flirting with danger and pretty much one Grand Prix after another, one wonders what rests in the lap of the future for F1? It’s that what everyone wants to know: what direction could Formula 1 take in the future?

And hence, it’s little surprise that everybody’s talking about the upcoming 2021 rules package.

This, it is believed, is going to be a massive step ahead for Formula 1.

The vision; where is the world’s most technologically advanced sport headed; how will racing change -if at all it does- and what new challenges and concepts will the drivers be grappling with; the teams are working on the 2021 rules package.

So one reckons, pretty much everyone, whether the fans and critics, revelers and pundits can be excited to know that work on the 2021 rules package in F1 is well underway. This is for the simple reason that all teams in Formula 1 were informed about the same days before the recently-concluded Bahrain GP.

A lot of work needs to be done in terms of identifying the future prospects of the sport. And especially in an age so incessantly driven by technology, one cannot possibly wait to anticipate as to what lies ahead in the future.


In lines with the above, it is important to note that all teams in F1 were presented with a basic outline of the sport in 2021. And where the recent reports stand, then it’s fair to say teams were asked as to where they were since the June deadline is fast approaching. To that end, the teams have informed that their work is underway.

F1 rules package
image source: Grand Prix 247

Commenting on this highly-anticipated move and what the F1 rules package could mean for the sport was Toro Rosso’s Team Principal Franz Tost. Mr. Tost was of the view that “They made some steps forward, on the sporting regulations side as well as on the technical regulations side there are some really good ideas,” said Franz Tost. “From the commercial side, there are also some changes.”

To add further, at the end of the day it’ll be pertinent to note what the FIA, Liberty Media eventually bring about. But this shall happen only after their talks and negotiations with the ten teams on the grid go through. And for that, we’ll have to wait and keep anticipating as to what lies ahead. And perhaps its this mystery and thrill surrounding Formula 1 that makes it what it is: an unmistakably enthralling contest- right?

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