” You’re an A**Hole!”- When Kimi Raikkonen Went Completely Crazy At a Party

May 9, 2020 6:30 pm

He’s usually quiet and reserved during F1 races but Kimi Raikkonen can be quite the party animal when he’s not racing. Former McLaren teammate David Coulthard recalled a fascinating tale involving the Iceman from his time at McLaren. Turns out, Kimi was a daredevil back in the day.

Coulthard recalls a crazy Kimi Raikkonen incident

Coulthard narrated an incident from Raikkonen’s early days at McLaren. At team boss Ron Dennis’ birthday party, Kimi got a little too tipsy and attempted something that he shouldn’t have.

“So, I remember Ron Dennis’ birthday party in the south of France, I was teammates with Kimi and he decided to do a stagedive”
“Band was playing and he came running towards me and he obviously expected me to catch him!”

“At the same time, his wife did the same thing,”

“So obviously I caught the lady and he hit the deck and he didn’t move!.

“He lay on the ground spreadeagle, he stopped the music and everyone gathered around cause they thought he was knocked unconscious “

“And he jumped up and gives a, “Eh! You’re not a teammate, you’re an asshole!”
“ He tried to punch me!” revealed Coulthard.

Well, Kimi’s certainly left those days behind him and turned into a responsible family man these days. But his funny side tends to show when he has a little too much to drink. Most recently, the Iceman left F1 fans in stitches at the FIA prize-giving gala in 2018.

Poor Kimi struggled to sit through the event, which, to be fair, can be an absolute drag. The Iceman turned to his favorite drink for solace and the end result was a drunk Raikkonen who couldn’t care less about the event and the prize itself.

Speaking of the Iceman, F1 is airing a very special race rewind today. F1 Is streaming the 2018 US Grand Prix on its social media channels at 1400 GMT. The 2018 US Grand Prix is a special occasion for a number of reasons. Firstly, It’s Kimi’s last Formula 1 win to date(and possibly his final win). Moreover, It’s the iceman ‘s first win over 113 races (err, years?) in F1. Suffice it to say, he did it in style with Ferrari.

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