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F1 has no Midfield any more: Haas

F1 has no Midfield any more: Haas

According to the Haas F1 Team, the midfield is virtually non-existent. Team principal Guenther Steiner surmised that the speed of the big three teams and the competitiveness between the rest of the field are crucial factors for this hypothesis.

The American team arrives into the German Grand Prix on the back of a successful triple header. They managed to score points in all three races.

French driver Romain Grosjean scored his first points of the season in Austria with a fourth place finish. Kevin Magnussen ended up with a sixth, fifth and ninth place respectively.

The mechanics and engineers were exhausted from the three consecutive race weekends. But, Steiner said that doing three race weekends was made easier with three point finishes.

Guenther Steiner

“We can’t forget that our team also had an additional test after Silverstone, so they’ve had three-and-a-half weekends of racing. They just finished on Wednesday with the Pirelli test at Silverstone.” said Steiner

“I’m sure everyone was tired, but the good thing is we scored good points over the three events. That makes the pain of having three events a lot easier. It’s something I personally feel is tiring. You cannot breathe between races because you have to keep on going and going.

“When you do try to relax, you know that you’ve been working three weeks in a row, and the same goes for the team. I hope they can recover and be fresh again for Hockenheim.”

Haas have been the most improved team this season and have leapfrogged most of the midfield teams. A podium finish was cruelly taken away from them after a double wheel gun failure on both cars in Australia.

Steiner has admitted that all teams are very good and believes the sport has no midfield running anymore.

“After testing, we were cautiously optimistic that could be achieved, but it’s still a difficult task as all the other teams in F1 are very good teams – there is nobody who is uncompetitive.” Steiner continued.

“There is not really a midfield anymore. It’s just the rest. There’s the top-three and then the rest. Everybody from fourth to 10th can be competing for points this year, as we’ve all seen.

“Now, being fifth, it’s nice to be there. After testing it was realistic to think we could be there, but we were very conscious that it would be hard work, and it is hard work, actually.”

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