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F1 Offers a Glimpse at Amazon’s New Technology

F1 Offers a Glimpse at Amazon’s New Technology

Back in 2018, Formula One was in talks with Amazon Prime for a streaming service. Recently, with the help of Amazon Web Services Cloud, the sport was able to give a demonstration on how the service will enhance the F1 viewing experience.

Normally, Formula One hosts a poll on the best overtakes of the season, and Daniel Ricciardo’s divebomb on Valtteri Bottas was the winner. So, in association with AWS Cloud, the move was decoded.

According to the analysis, Ricciardo was 20 kph faster than Bottas ahead, courtesy the slipstream effect. The Australian was forced to brake a tenth of a second early due to his F1 car being faster.

Although Bottas attempted to cover him off, Ricciardo adjusted himself. The Aussie got off the brakes earlier and went on to cover off the Finn on the apex. This certainly proved that Ricciardo is a demon on the brakes and is well-known for his divebombs.

Since F1 is a data-oriented sport, AWS will capture and process key performance data for each car during every twist and turn of the Formula 1 circuits.

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