F1 Radio Gaga: 10 Instances of Drivers Losing Their Cool

The fast-paced and intense nature of F1 sometimes leads to things heating up. Drivers ranting over their frustration over the team radio has become a common thing now. But it certainly reveals the more human side of our beloved drivers. At the Belgian Grand Prix Alonso vented his frustration over the radio, shouting and swearing. In lieu of that, we thought we’d compile a list of F1 radio frustrations boiling over.

10 Best F1 Radio moments

1.“All the time you leave a space” Fernando Alonso – Bahrain 2012

Fernando Alonso gave a very vocal criticism to Nico Rosberg after the latter appeared to push the former off the track when he should have been given space to overtake, as per the F1 sporting rules. This piece of F1 radio chatter would be the first of many Alonso radio moments.

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