F1 Rewind: The Sebastian Vettel Radio Rant from 2018, the Funniest Radio Comment in Formula One

December 25, 2019 11:45 pm

Sebastian Vettel hasn’t had a good last few years. His last title came in 2013 with Red Bull and after he has moved to Ferrari it is always the story of what could have been. Things went particularly bad in 2019, when his #1 status at his team was dethroned by Ferrari’s new young recruit Charles Leclerc who came in and showcased that Ferrari won’t be allowed to keep Vettel at the top. Now that Leclerc is signed for the next five years, he knows time is less on his hands and the support of the team lies with their future – Charles Leclerc.

While 2019 did not have a lot of instances, earlier he was also known to be very vocal on the radio, even singing, chatting and engaging in banter with his race engineer. His once such radio message from the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix is still what we consider the funniest radio message in Formula One.

During one of the sessions of the race,  something must have been inside his car or his racing suit that he wanted to tell to his racing engineer. But he found a pretty hilarious way of saying it.
Here, listen:

Here’s what he said, in case you missed it out:

Fans also got engaged with the radio message on Twitter labelling it as among the best radio messages in Formula One.



Despite the difficulties, Sebastian Vettel is always seen with a smile on his face. The kind of aura he carries in the paddock, he attracts zero haters and is appreciated and liked by all. His interviews are known to be quite funny, yet insightful. His sense of humour makes him among the funniest guys in the paddock. His current contract runs till the end of 2020 beyond which if he will remain in Formula One is a big mystery. With his performances dipping and team finding it difficult to manage Leclerc and Vettel, it won’t be a big surprise if they decide to jump the gun and axe Vettel.

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