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F1 season 2016: 5 of the most exciting prospects

F1 season 2016: 5 of the most exciting prospects

2016 F1 Season

The Formula One Season of 2016 is upon us now, with the session starting in nearly a week from now. The drivers are all ready, the teams are all ready and so are the fans. Everyone wants to hear those roaring engines come back to life again, those five lights eliminating at the start, the rush of overtakes and a world class battle for the championship.

We at EssentiallySports have narrowed down most exciting things to look forward to, in the 2016 season.

5. New tire strategies

With the new controversial and confusing tire rules, Pirelli’s hopes to spice things up from their side by allowing drivers to tweak their strategies. This has opened up whole new possibilities of combinations, by allowing each driver a choice of their own compound.

F1 season

Out of the thirteen compounds available for a team every race, three will be fixed and based on the two compounds that Pirelli pre-decides for each team. The remaining 10 compounds have to be picked by each driver separately, allowing them to go as aggressive as they may desire, leaving room open for a lot of different unpredictable strategies. 

This may sound odd at first, but if it does the job it is being asked to do, it might be a successful idea. With drivers requested to talk about their preferences of compounds way before the actual date of the race, it makes things even more troublesome for the teams, since they have to plan an entire strategy well in advance.

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