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F1: Special to have Hockenheim Back – Hulkenberg

F1: Special to have Hockenheim Back – Hulkenberg

Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg has said that having the German GP back on the F1 calendar is special and motivating.

The German GP was absent in 2017, as the Nurburgring had financial problems and could not afford to host the race.

Hockenheim and the Nurburgring have had a biennial swap deal for F1. Each track hosts the race in alternate years.

For 2018, F1 is back in Hockenheim, and Hulkenberg is hoping for that extra boost from racing in front of his home fans.

Nico iHulkenberg

“It’s very special to have the German Grand Prix back on the calendar,” said Hulkenberg.

“A home race is extremely motivating, as you carry that extra ounce of determination to do well in front of the home fans.

“We missed it last season, but now it’s back at Hockenheim, we’ll really enjoy every moment throughout the weekend” he continued.

“Most drivers and teams have a home race at some point in the season, and we’re well prepared for both a busy one away from the circuit, and for the extra pressure for a good result on-track.”

With no German Grand Prix on the 2017 calendar, the drivers are in unknown territory in terms of the new-spec cars.

“I enjoy this track a lot, and this year with the increased downforce cars, it will be even more fun,” he added.

“It begins with a high-speed turn one, which is going to be quicker than ever in 2018, and then turn two, which is actually an important corner as you need to combine a high minimum speed while getting on the power early to open up the long, curved straight.

“You need good traction out of the hairpin, which is also the best overtaking spot on race day. Sector three, the stadium section, is special with the packed grandstands and cheering crowd.

“It’s a tight part of the track, it gets narrow, but it’s fast and flowing so hopefully we can put a show on for the fans,”.

Renault will be looking to maintain the edge over their midfield rivals, heading into the German round.

“Ahead of Germany we will be looking at our qualifying pace, as we know the midfield fight is getting close and we have to keep the upgrades coming and hard work in order to stay ahead of our rivals,” Nico added.

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