F1 Teams Not Worried About Williams Racing at All


The plight of the Williams Racing Formula One team has got to such a state that it is almost a joke. The team have already had issues when they were two days late to begin testing. Things got worse when they had issues with the car and it later transpired that a few parts were illegal. Now, another nail has been hammered into the coffin.

Recently, Auto Motor und Sport’s Tobi Gruner tweeted, “Pirelli asked teams to build special “mule car” for 2021 tyre testing. Teams agreed that only Williams would be allowed to supply such a car. Engineers worried about unfair advantage. But with Williams apparently being far behind it would be okay.”

Williams Racing
Williams Racing

F1’s official tyre supplier always needs a guinea pig to test out their tyres, but the issue of teams gaining an advantage always crops up. However, it seems that none of the teams perceive Williams Racing as a threat at all. If the situation was not so dire and true, it would almost be insulting to them.

Interestingly, Gruner also reported that it is unknown whether Williams is interested or has the means to supply a mule car. If they decline Pirelli has to look for a different solution to their dilemma.

For the 2021 season, Pirelli will be switching to 18 inch tyres. So, to prepare for the possibly massive transition, Pirelli plans to begin testing later this year.