F1 Teams Object to Group Photograph Ahead of Winter Testing

January 28, 2020 1:09 am

The new decade has begun, and Liberty Media found it as the perfect opportunity to boost F1’s image. So, they proposed that all 2020 F1 drivers do a group photo with their cars. However, every F1 team quickly shot down the idea, ahead of the winter testing sessions.

A decade ago, an iconic photo was taken ahead of the 2010 Formula 1 season. All new cars appeared at the Sakhir International circuit with the drivers sitting by the side of their cars.

In the buildup to the 2020 season, Liberty Media hoped to recreate the same shoot, with the new cars and drivers. However, none of the F1 teams were unwilling to comply with their wish. To be fair to the F1 teams, the manner in which the sequence of events would take place, seemed highly impractical.

Apparently, the teams would be expected to prepare the car for a photo, roll it back to the garage and prepare it for the first test. Bearing in mind that less testing days are available, owing to the extra race , teams will want as much data as possible.

Why do the F1 teams consider this a bad idea?

Another factor to consider is that some teams may not be ready with their 2020 cars on time. Haas and Alfa Romeo, in particular, will be launching their car on the first day of testing. Two other teams have yet to reveal their launch date as well, namely Red Bull and Williams F1.

Liberty Media’s only hope is that the teams agree to the photo op in Melbourne ahead of the first race. Another potential reason behind the rejection could be because they do not want any detailed pictures of their new cars. In all honesty, there is a chance that teams could use the images to scrutinise details of rival teams.

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