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F1 Throwback: Relive the Funniest Press F1 Conference of 2019 Involving Ricciardo and Lando Norris

F1 Throwback: Relive the Funniest Press F1 Conference of 2019 Involving Ricciardo and Lando Norris

Lando Norris

The pre-race press conference in Silverstone for the 2019 British Grand Prix was a hilarious affair. The main cast included all three Britons, Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and George Russell. Also joining them were Antonio Giovinazzi and Daniel Ricciardo.

Some time during the press conference, Daniel Ricciardo said something that made Norris lose all composure. The young McLaren driver attempted to not draw any attention but failed miserably as his squeals got everyone’s attention and he buried his face on the table.

A clueless Hamilton wondered what happened and Lando Norris managed to choke out, “This guy!”

As it turned out, Ricciardo had asked Norris if he had any pubes yet. The sheer immaturity of the joke almost had poor Lando in tears.

Without a doubt, Daniel Ricciardo is regarded as one of the funniest drivers in Formula One. However, McLaren youngster Lando Norris is gunning for his crown as F1’s resident jokester. Whatever the case, it certainly livened up the press conference and brought some guffaws from the rest of the drivers present.

The interviewer asked whether he said something to warrant the reaction. However, Daniel Ricciardo was quick to reassure him that it wasn’t the case. Meanwhile the others could only look on in bemusement as Lando Norris desperately tried to regain composure.

Lando Norris gets his revenge

On October 4th 2019, it was World Smile Day and Norris tagged Ricciardo on Twitter. The young British driver settled for some good old-fashioned self-deprication humour with a throwback to the press conference.

The whole situation got triggered when Lewis Hamilton was asked to compare his popularity to Nigel Mansell’s. Norris could not help himself and quipped, “Maybe it’s the moustache.”

Hamilton retorted that he couldn’t grow much, but Norris admitted he couldn’t either. Ricciardo then leaned over and asked Norris if he had grown pubes.

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