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F1 Throwback: Relive the Sensation Battle Between Kimi Raikkonen, Button and Montoya at the 2006 Australian GP

F1 Throwback: Relive the Sensation Battle Between Kimi Raikkonen, Button and Montoya at the 2006 Australian GP

Kimi Raikkonen

In the next instalment of good old-fashioned Formula One racing, Jenson Button was forced to fend off the McLaren duo. At the 2006 Australian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya hounded Button’s Honda. Button had qualified on pole position for the race, with Raikkonen and Montoya 4th and 5th.

There was a bit of drama before the race as Montoya spun on the exit of the final corner. Then, second-placed man, Giancarlo Fisichella stalled his car and Montoya was allowed to resume his normal grid position. Sometime in the middle of the race, Raikkonen battled past Button, after Alonso overtook him earlier on.

However, Montoya was unable to get past the British driver no mater what he tried. All in all, it was a titanic duel between the McLarens and the BAR Honda.

It was worth noting the Kimi Raikkonen only got past Jenson Button after a second safety car period. Alonso had already caught the Briton napping after the first safety car period. Lightning then struck twice, with Raikkonen benefitting and relegating Button to 3rd.

Where did Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button and Juan Pablo Montoya finish?

Eventually, Alonso won the race from Kimi Raikkonen, with Ralf Schumacher’s Toyota completing the podium. Meanwhile, Jenson Button’s Honda engine blew up, while Montoya retired with an electrical issue.

The Colombian was hunting down Michael Schumacher when he ran wide at the final corner. It was not the first time he ran wide. However, this time his McLaren-Mercedes twitched wildly. The rear light flashed on and off, and the car ground to a halt. A puzzled Montoya clambered out from the cockpit and into retirement.

On the other hand, Button’s Honda V8 blew spectacularly at the end of the final lap. He rounded the last corner with a sheet of orange flames streaming from the back of the car. Fisichella somehow managed to avoid a crash after he went over Button’s oil spill. Meanwhile, the poor Briton pulled up just short of the line watching helplessly as cars swarmed past to push him out of a point-scoring position.

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