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F1 Throwback: Watch as Kimi Raikkonen Shrugs Off Reporter Bluntly

F1 Throwback: Watch as Kimi Raikkonen Shrugs Off Reporter Bluntly

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen is a hard man to get hold of, when you are a media person. The Finnish veteran is well-known for being very curt when addressing media personnel. However, he also employs another tactic of avoiding interviews altogether, as former F1 driver Martin Brundle found out twice.

When the Englishman asked him to talk ahead of a race, Kimi Raikkonen responded with a shake of the head. In a compilation video of Raikkonen’s funniest moments, a clip at the 9:36 mark showed Brundle trying to pursue the Finn again. This time, Raikkonen simply ignored him entirely and carried on his merry way.

Why does Kimi Raikkonen not like the media?

The 2007 world champion firmly believes that the “nonsense” and “bullshit” media coverage is detrimental to Formula 1. His views came in 2018 when there was speculation about his F1 future. Some suggested that McLaren was eyeing a return for him, while others insisted that retirement was on the cards.

When he spoke to Autosport in an exclusive interview, Kimi Raikkonen expressed his concern over the negative coverage of F1. He mused that people often complain about the lack of excitement in F1 and a waning interest.

Kimi Raikkonen even adopted a no-nonsense approach to his second stint at Scuderia Ferrari. The veteran Finn even believes that Formula One should do away with the politics, but fears that it is unavoidable.

What is his future in F1 like?

At 40-years old, Raikkonen is approaching the twilight of his career. Admittedly, it is more than likely that his third place in Brazil 2018 will be the last time he will feature on the podium.

In addition to that, his win at the 2018 US Grand Prix is the last time that fans will see him on the top step. However, it is worth mentioning that Kimi Raikkonen is on the verge of breaking the record for the most F1 starts.

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