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F1 Top Overtakes of the 2019 Season

F1 Top Overtakes of the 2019 Season

With the 2019 F1 season complete, let’s take a look back at some of the most exciting overtakes. Overtaking in F1 is not the easiest of feats, but certain maneuvers are worth mentioning for their skill and execution.

Firstly, an honourable mention to Valtteri Bottas. The Finn, who started last had to make some strong overtakes without DRS. The racing over the first 17 laps raises a prospect of having DRS in F1. However, that’s a question for a different article.

Let’s take a look at the top overtakes of 2019.

Sergio Perez on Lando Norris – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

While Lewis took a convincing win, there was packed action in the midfield. The last lap was privy to 3 overtakes. In the battle for 7th, Lando Norris had brilliantly held up Sergio Perez for several laps.

However, on the last lap, Perez finally pulled level to Norris towards the end of the second DRS zone. Using speed and the generally superior Mercedes engine, he went around the outside of Turn 11, before cutting into the inside at 12. By turn 13 he was clear and would hold on to 7th in the race. That move earned him 2 more championship points.

Max Verstappen on Charles Leclerc – Austrian Grand Prix

Recovering from a bad start, Max Verstappen fought his way to the lead of the Austrian Grand Prix, before pitting on lap 32. Emerging on fresh tyres, the Dutchman was on a mission to win Red Bull Racing’s home race.

By Lap 56, Max had passed Vettel and Bottas, to start chasing Charles Leclerc for the lead. 12 Laps later, he caught up. Taking a wider approach into turn 2, Max cut into the inside of Charles. They made contact but it was a legal move. Max would sail off into the lead. It ensured Red Bull Racing won their home race.

Charles Leclerc on Max Verstappen – British Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc once again were at it at the British Grand Prix. Entering the pits simultaneously on Lap 14, 3rd place was at stake. The Red Bull team won the battle of the pit crews. It allowed Max to come out ahead of Charles at the pit exit. Crucially for both drivers, ahead of traffic.

However, Max Verstappen ran wide on turn 4. This allowed Charles to capitalize and move past the Max into 3rd place.All the hard work of the Red Bull pit-crew sadly did not lead to fruition.

Carlos Sainz on Nico Hulkenberg – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

An important battle for Carlos Sainz. A pass on Hulkenberg would ensure he could score a solitary championship point, and finish 6th in the drivers standing. In addition, Hulkenberg’s teammate, Ricciardo was trying to pass Sainz for 11th himself.

A good exit from turns 8-9 allowed Sainz to have the speed needed to pull to the inside of Nico Hulkenberg before turning into the inside of turn 11. This put him ahead of Hulkenberg. Despite a minor lock up, Sainz held his position. A 10th place finish ensured he finished 6th in the drivers championship. The best of the rest position so-to-speak.

Lando Norris on Pierre Gasly – Bahrain Grand Prix

It was just the second race of his F1 career. Yet Lando Norris pulled off a daring overtake on Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly. Good pace over the start-finish straight bought him within touching distance of Gasly’s Red Bull. It did help that a Haas was holding him up as well.

Strong exits out of turns 2-3 set up Lando with more speed into turn 4. Going around the outside, he cleanly slotted his McLaren ahead of the Red Bull. Ultimately, Lando finished 6th in the race, while Pierre managed just a 8th place finish.

Alex Albon on Sebastian Vettel – Brazilian Grand Prix

A safety car incident mixed up the field at the Brazilian Grand Prix. When racing resumed, there was not much to separate the top 6 drivers. Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton, Alex Albon on Sebastian Vettel, Pierre Gasly on Charles Leclerc.

Heading into the Senna S’s, Albon went wide around turn 1, to get the inside line of turn 2. Sebastian could not stop such a move and was forced to concede 3rd. He would then have to start fending off his team mate. His team mate also passed Lewis Hamilton for first in the same sequence of corners, just ahead of him.

Finally, Albon was in contention for a podium finish. Unfortunately , it wouldn’t come to fruition, as Lewis and Albon would collide towards the end of the race.

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