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F1: Updated Miami Circuit Map Revealed

F1: Updated Miami Circuit Map Revealed


Plans for a street circuit in the city of Miami are well underway and the latest version of the potential F1 circuit has been revealed. Originally, the idea was to race around the American Airlines Arena. But that suggestion has been scrapped and the track now passes through Bayfront Park.

However, the pit area is not clearly indicated on the map, but the run-off areas will be anti-clockwise. It is likely that the pit location would be situated in the parking areas on Biscayne Boulevard. The track will also involve the crossing of the railway track that leaves Port Miami.

The Miami City Commission will address the proposal of the F1 Miami Grand Prix on July 26 at City Hall. They will look over a 53-page document detailing the planned event. After that, a vote will take place to authorise the city manager to execute the host city agreement.

The new map proposed for the Miami F1 GP.
Source: RaceFans

There will also be a park use agreement between the City of Miami, the Bayfront Park Management Trust, South Florida Racing LLC, and Formula One World Championship Ltd. The contract is expected to run for 10 years and will begin with a fan festival this year.

The first race is slated to be held in October 2019 and cover 11 events, up to and including a race in 2029. There will also be an option to be taken up by July 2026 to continue the deal until 2039.

The agreement will allow for the race to be held between October 5 and November 15 in any year. However, there is a revocable-at-will license for the use of the parkland, notice of which must be given a year in advance. The park trust will also benefit from surcharges on any seats located in the park area. The rental fee each year will be $50,000 but the promoter has agreed to improve one city playground every second year to the tune of up to $100,000.

The difficulty will be the set-up and tear down periods which are set for only 14 days set-up and seven days tear down. This will mean intensive work to create the necessary facilities in the time available. It is thus highly likely that the model used in Baku will be replicated with a modular pit building complex being built in the available time.

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