Helmut Marko States F1 Is ‘Too Physical’ For Women Pursuing It

Helmut Marko

Not for nothing is Helmut Marko respected in the racing fraternity. An experienced hand in Red Bull, he’s often the fulcrum around which the Christian Horner-outfit revolves. To that end, Helmut Marko’s experience, technical knowledge, advisory role have served the team well and for years together.

Even now, the former Austrian F1 driver is all gung-ho about motor-racing. A very basic, earthen fact about this is Helmut Marko’s age. At 75, he is passionate and involved deeply in developing the outfit for which famous names such as Max Verstappen and the rising talent of Pierre Gasly race.

But all that told, Helmut Marko has actually shared something he himself may not be exactly sure of, for the simple reason that the nature of his recent comment- although seemingly candid and stemming from a space of experience- may have done enough to earn the wrath of a few.

Wondering what is it that Helmut Marko said?

While some might feel that Helmut Marko’s comments are sexist or biased in nature, others may actually be of the view that these are stemming from a space that few can know and to that end, in a firm understanding. What exactly did Helmut Marko imply when he shared that as a sport for women drivers, F1 is a bit ‘too brutal?’

Helmut Marko

Many, at this very point in time may actually have formed their free-thinking biases about the man noted for his avuncular presence- right? But, then, is that fair?

While it’s fair to say that F1 demands a lot of grit, stamina, and not to mention, absolute fitness (the mental side of things requiring one to withstand the challenge of being razor-cut by competition and overall exhaustiveness) to say that the women may not be cut out for a very ‘brutal’ sport may perhaps have irked some.

Here’s a pretty simple, self-explanatory abstract from Mr. Helmut Marko’s quote on the sport and its rigorous asks of women:

“These are huge physical demands, and that is maybe too difficult and too strenuous for women,” Marko told Austrian newspaper¬†Kleine Zeitung when¬†asked whether he foresaw a female driver taking part in a Grand Prix.

“If you’re driving at 300km/h and have a wheel-to-wheel fight then brutality is part of it,” he explained. “I do not know if that’s in the female nature.”