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FA Cup Watch: Top 5 Semi Final matches

FA Cup Watch: Top 5 Semi Final matches

The FA Cup has been around for as long as we can remember and is the oldest competition in the history of English football. Over 700 teams participate in this competition including the lower division clubs giving them a fair and equal chance to join in on the big leagues. In the past, it was pretty much the only game of football shown on the television and hence, carries a prestigious name to itself and emits the tradition that football is in the British community. Over the years, the FA Cup semi-finals have seen their fair share of many enthralling moments and it is known for creating instant heroes of the game: those who teach us what the magic of football is all about. This Saturday Manchester United will play against Everton in hopes of winning the ticket to Wembley and in this honour, it was only apt we took a look at the top 5 FA Cup Semi Final games!


  1. Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United (1962)

It was the swingin’ sixties and Tottenham Hotspur looked forward to take on the re-emerging Manchester United at Hillsborough and had the perfect opportunity to show that it was still the Spurs who reigned the 60s era. Fittingly, the London side opened their side of the firing within 5 minutes of the game’s commencement and as luck would have it, they were 2-0 up by half time.

The Manchester United side was slow, lacklustre and uninspired to say the very least. In the second half, Medwin sealed the deal with another goal making it 3-1 just 2 minutes after United scored their goal in an attempt to salvage something out of the match. Tottenham Hotspur went on to win the FA Cup, thanks to their brilliant performance throughout the tournament.

Final Score: Spurs 3-1 Manutd

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