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Fabregas takes Chelsea to the next level

Fabregas takes Chelsea to the next level

After nine spectacular years with Arsenal and three years with the La liga giants Barcelona, Cesc Fabregas is once again turning to be unstoppable at London. The Spanish play-maker has proved his worth in the first three starting games of the season with some exceptional assists, line breaking passes and outstanding dribbling.

After the first three games the Spaniard has made four assists. His partnership with Costa is turning out to be more devastating as each game passes. The midfielder made a quick impact on the first match against Burnley with 2 assists. The second goal was one of the best goals of the match as it came off from a spectacular assist by him in which he was able to find an unmarked Schurlle rushing towards the post. .He was adjudged the man of the match for this performance. After having a spectacular first match, he carried his form to the first home game against Leicester where again his assist ensured a 2-0 victory over the visitors. He made his mark on the last match against Everton with an early assist to Costa even before the first minute got over. The astounding match saw some brilliant passes from him which gave the men in yellow a 3-6 victory over the Toffees. With the sheer attacking instinct that he provides, he literally transforms the entire Chelsea midfield to attack with high pressure if required and moreover succeed in it. Cesc has also established a good partnership with the likes of Hazard, Schurlle, Willian, Oscar and Costa of which the connection between the two Spaniards is turning out to be more deadly as each game passes.

With a player who could control the game with his skills Chelsea seems to have found a perfect one to replace their legend Frank Lampard. Though it is still early stages of the season, his performance will have a great impact on taking the team to the next level. As of now Mourinho is entirely satisfied with the Spaniard and after the game with Burnley he said “ You gave Cesc the man of the match and I completely agree . He was the maestro and controlled the tempo of the game with Matic.He dictated the speed and intensity of the game. We need that kind of midfielder that dictates the intensity in the centre”.

Mourinho knew what Chelsea was missing last season and he has filled the voids perfectly with the inclusion of Fabregas and Diego Costa to the squad. The partnership between him and Matic can turn out to be a nightmare to the opponent team as after each match the team is turning out to be more attack oriented when compared to the much criticized “parking bus “strategy. If the Spaniard replicates the form he had in North London few years ago then it would ensure his wish of winning more trophies with Chelsea. After all he said that playing for Chelsea is “so easy”.


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