Editorial Guidelines


We, at EssentiallySports, strictly adhere to the Editorial Standards expected of us and are accepted universally through what is stipulated in our “Editorial Guidelines”.

EssentiallySports furnishes news and content from a diverse range of sources. We undertake stringent efforts to confirm the veracity of the information that is available in the world of the internet and social media, only then do we proceed to create content for the general public.

Our internal policies set the standards for creating relevant Ever-lasting and Topical content through stringent fact-checking and allied editorial policies. EssentiallySports shall always strive to provide content that is authentic, need of the hour, resourceful etc; our Editorial team plays an important role in pursuing our goal in creating a reliable and thought-provoking experience for the consumers.

As much as selecting the right source providers is important, verification and fact-checking internal standards signify high-quality journalism. We have a thorough process in verifying, citing and crediting such sources, when we deal with or without primary sources that we obtain directly. Throughout this process, our ‘Editorial Leadership’ works closely with our content creators to produce quality content, reliable and equitable content.

1) How EssentiallySports Approaches Editing and Fact-checking

At EssentiallySports, editors are the highest authority in content. Our editors ensure that the quality of every article is of the highest standard, in addition to ensuring that there is ample technical knowledge for avid sports fans. 

Our internal policies set the standards for creating content through sources. EssentiallySports always strives to provide content that is authentic, the need of the hour, and resourceful. Sources play an important role in our goal of creating a reliable and thought-provoking experience for the consumers.

Process before publishing an article

A proposed article is evaluated by an Editor, who can choose to either publish, correct, or reject the proposed article. When reviewing an article, Editors shall ensure that:

Citations and Attributions

Citations include stipulated information or links to the original source on which the article is based. To maintain credibility, the news sources from which information is taken are externally linked in all articles. If the existing articles on the ES website are relevant to the article that is to be published, then they are internally linked. 

What sources should be cited:

How does ES verify if a news source or the secondary source is reputed or not?

* All secondary and tertiary sources we resort to shall meet the above two requirements.

Under our policies and guidelines, material from trusted sources may be used only if:

  1. The material is information, and not opinion or speculation, and is vital to the news report.
  2. The source is reliable, and in a position to have accurate information.
  3. Only videos are usually taken from trusted accounts and the relevant internal authority shall approve any piece of information that comes from a trusted account only. 


Interviews and podcasts generally consist of first-hand quotes and are a major part of ES articles. However, there is a set of rules that we follow while covering any piece of content from the mentioned sources:

Standards we uphold around Fact-checking

EssentiallySports may not be a direct affiliate or a signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). However, we at EssentiallySports understand and acknowledge the importance of such an initiative and streamline our internal standards in a way that shall meet the standards set by IFCN. The principles/standards we strongly intend to internalise and commit to:

2) Corrections Policy at EssentiallySports

At EssentiallySports, we strive to ensure that the information we furnish is accurate, verified and equitable. But in case a mistake or an error is made, we recognize the importance of acknowledging the same and working towards rectifying the error. We also encourage our readers and contributors to provide us with feedback on any of our content.

The hallmark of quality and responsible journalism is the ability to hold oneself accountable, and also acknowledge the need for prompt corrections when errors are discovered. Thus, EssentiallySports is dedicated to providing the correct information as soon as a mistake is brought to attention.

What is done when an error is spotted or reported in an Article?