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The Culprit Behind the Engine Noises During the US Grand Prix Breaks Cover

The Culprit Behind the Engine Noises During the US Grand Prix Breaks Cover


The US Grand Prix was more than just a memorable race. Kimi Raikkonen took victory after a staggering 5 years drawing a worlwide reaction from his fans while Lewis Hamilton’s title hopes weren’t fruitful (he sealed it in the next race anyway).

Another interesting even that happened during the race were the fake engine noises that were heard all over the world at around lap 9. Someone got into the microphone and started imitating fake engine noises which really got the fans talking.

All of it was in good humour when even the official F1 social media handles shared the video. Now it seems that the man responsible for the noises finally has a face. A particular Twitter user posted this:

Pretty hilarious, if you ask us. F1 fans on social media hailed the guy and many classified him a ‘legend’. Read some of the tweets:

The US Grand Prix for more than one reasons will definitely be among the finest races of 2018. Hamilton was on course to clinch his 5th world title if he would have outscored Vettel by 8 points. But brilliant drives from Raikkonen and Max Verstappen up front didn’t allow him that and he finished third.

Sebastian Vettel spun out early in the race while battling Daniel Ricciardo and could only recover to 4th place. The ill fated Aussie, had another retirement in the race when his entire car just shut down randomly. He was going strong otherwise and looked set to battle Hamilton for a podium finish.

Overall, it was a race that will be remembered for a long long time. Not just for the fact that it was Kimi Raikkonen’s first victory in years or for the fake engine noises, but for the fact that we had close battles up and down the grid, after a very long time.

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