Fall Guys: Catch The Latest Episode of Talk Guys, Hosted by None Other Than Gary Whitta

October 10, 2020 10:23 pm

After the success of Animal Talking, an in-game talk show in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Fall Guys has followed suit with its very own talk show. The show, named Talk Guys, is hosted by screenwriter Gary Whitta, who hosts Animal Talking as well.

Popular Twitch streamer Kate Stark often joins Gary in conversation. In the latest episode of Talk Guys, Gary and Kate talked to Anthony Pepper and Ben Nizan, the designers behind the hugely popular title.

Whitta and Kate talk about Fall Guys Season 2 with Ben and Anthony

Season 2 kicked off a couple of days ago, and Kate and Gary joined in conversation with Ben and Anthony to discuss all that is new in the game. For example, this season has a higher spawn rate of the golden hoops. However, the designers made it clear that they will all either spawn in the middle or in places near the edge that are extremely hard to reach.

Another important question Whitta asked the designers was, “How much do you iterate when you build a new level from scratch? Because you don’t do, like, public betas or anything.”

To this, Ben replied saying that they had done a little beta testing towards the end. However, it was not an open beta test but rather on an invitation basis.

The two-hour-long show covered a lot of interesting topics about the current season. Of course, it is impossible to write about it all here, so you have to catch the latest episode on YouTube or Twitch.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout rose to huge popularity within days of its release back in August. This peculiar take on the Battle Royale genre was quick to win hearts with its elaborate hurdle-race themed gameplay.

The second season of the game kicked off two days ago and has been nothing short of a hit. Concerns had arisen about whether the popularity of this title was under threat due to the growing popularity of Among Us. However, fans can rest assured, as season 2 seems to be pretty promising.

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