Fall Guys Cheater Ruins Shroud’s Bean Land Experience

August 28, 2020 5:55 pm

Shroud has been sporting a mustache since his return on Twitch. The ‘aim-god’ took a long hiatus after Mixer shut down. However, once he was back, nothing much had changed. He was still streaming Warzone and Valorant. Nonetheless, three days ago, Shroud gave in to the current trend and finally played Fall Guys on back-to-back streams.

Fall Guys is the newest rage among gamers. The Mediatonic title is a hit, both on Steam and PS4 Plus. On Steam, it is the most sold game right after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while on PS Plus it has become the most downloaded game on a daily basis.

Therefore, it makes sense for one of the biggest streamers out there to join the bandwagon. Dr Disrespect is already hooked on it. He even had a face-off with PewDiePie in the game.

Shroud’s decided to play Fall Guys on stream after his chat had gone on about the game. His first time itself could have been epic as he had made it to the final Hex-A-Gone round. It is easily one of the toughest levels to win in Fall Guys. Shroud came fourth with his first attempt, which is very commendable.

But his happy run did not last long. Shroud faced players in the game who were using hacks. It has been a common theme for quite a while now. Ever since Fall Guys became a rage, cheaters have been flocking to the lobbies.

Cheaters have mostly been discovered on PC. Many used Family Sharing on Steam to bypass the security.

Shroud sounded annoyed and amused, as anyone would be if they came across cheaters in a candy-themed game.

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What is Fall Guys doing about the cheats?

Mediatonic has announced they will disable Family Sharing on Steam, which will stop people from using the exploits on PC.

Furthermore, they are currently working on a process to ban cheaters under immediate response. This means as soon as cheats are activated, the hacker will get booted out of the game. Manual reporting of hackers is no longer required.

Come Season 2, we can expect better anti-cheat in the Mediatonic title.

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