Fall Guys Devs Urge Players to Not Report Cheaters

September 2, 2020 10:34 pm

Cheaters and hackers infecting games have always been a huge issue in gaming. Many games out there have reached the point of becoming infected beyond redemption. Titles like Call of Duty Warzone are on the verge of becoming a joke for their lenient anti-cheat systems. However, devs have been trying harder than ever to put a stop to this. One of the more hopeful examples of this is that of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This game has been more successful than many other titles in curbing the cheater infection issue, but the task can become difficult at times.

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The official Fall Guys handle posted a Twitter thread about certain issues devs were facing and the ways with which players could help the developers overcome them.

The devs had already taken a major step to ensure a reduction in this issue by an impressive margin. Cheaters on PC would connect multiple accounts on Steam through family sharing and then apply mods on one of them. With shared accounts on Steam, DLCs and additional content would become accessible to all. As a result, if one account got banned for cheating, the cheater would have other backup accounts that they could cheat from. What the devs did was they disabled family sharing on Steam. It was an impressive move but failed to curb the issue entirely.

Fall Guys devs promise a new update to aid in the cheater battle

The devs have been advising against reporting players since this move doesn’t help much at all. This is because the game doesn’t have unique player tags for each player. They are simply assigned numbers in a match within the range of 1-9999. However, the number of players in the game amounts to a million. So, for example, if a player has reported someone by the name of Fall Guy 1234, there are 1000 possibilities as to who this might be. Moreover, the impressive anti-cheat system recognizes cheaters during their first time and bans them at the end of the match. Even with these measures in place, the devs have been encountering new cheaters on the daily and they have a fair as to why.

Sharing videos and clips of cheaters is creating more of them

The devs have made this point quite clear through their Twitter thread.

Mediatonic is using every known tool in their arsenal to put an end to the cheating. They have proved themselves to be aggressively vigilant. and this has given hope to the current and upcoming generation of gamers. The points they’ve put forth on Twitter have made sense and have the potential to be the prime deterrent against this issue. While new cheaters and hackers might still emerge, this step might help in flattening the curve.

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