Fall Guys: Grab This Limited Edition Crossover Costume ASAP!

September 28, 2020 12:55 am

Fall Guys has proven that the domination of AAA games is not inevitable as the game crossed 7 million downloads on Steam, making it the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. And now, to make matters even more interesting, Season 2 of the game is set to launch in October.

Fall Guys made some exclusive announcements before the update goes live. It has introduced a new character, GRIS in the crown stores.

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GRIS is a platform-adventure game by Spanish developers Nomada Studio, who also tweeted about this character announcement.

How to get GRIS in Fall Guys?

GRIS is available in the crown store for ten crowns. Players earn a crown every time they win the last round in a game. Ten crowns might seem like a minimal amount, but the players know very well that winning is not easy in Fall Guys. A lot of players make it till the final 3 rounds, but only one of them takes the crown.

Ten crowns for a character like GRIS is totally worth it because it is unique and time-limited. The character will be available for purchase in the store until September 29.

This collaboration is special for both the games!

The two titles have something very special in common; they’re both indie games.

Fall Guys on one side is a fun game with caricatures tumbling on their way to victory, whereas GRIS is a coming-of-age story about a young girl. She matures emotionally as the player progresses through the game, and comes out the other end with a different perspective on life. Players love these games, not only because of their unique concepts but because of the genuine user-friendly interfaces.

AAA titles often disappoint despite their astonishing budgets, leaving fans unsatisfied. This is usually the case when the game designers and studios are more interested in earning money rather than producing something substantial.

Recent times, however, seem to have changed this popular narrative with indie games like GRIS, Among Us, and of course Fall Guys becoming immensely popular across the globe.

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