Fall Guys Season 2 Update Promises Exciting New Features

October 2, 2020 7:28 pm

Fall Guys has been one of the best games of 2020 so far. Its simplistic mechanics and gameplay have changed the way people perceive battle royale games. As a result, it proves that a successful game need not depend heavily on graphics and visuals. Now, with its Season 2 update coming out, more details have come to light regarding new features in the update.

The official Twitter account posted a video of Community Manager Oliver, explaining the new feature coming to Fall Guys Season 2. Take a look at it below.

In the Customiser menu, there is now an ‘Interface’ tab available where players can use it to change their nametags. It allows players to have elements like a pizza icon, flags, fruits, etc. which can be customized as required.

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Customizable Nametags and Nicknames coming to Fall Guys Season 2

There are also a variety of different nicknames available for players to add to their nametags. ‘Free Hugs’, ‘Cool Bean’, ‘Good Egg’ are some available nicknames to choose from. Additionally, Oliver also mentions that he intends to make a list of community nicknames for the same. This is an amazing opportunity for players to try to get in their suggestions and see if they make the cut. This may seem like a minor addition, but it is another great step to keep the casual nature of the game intact.

Fall Guys Season 2 is going to be a medieval-themed season. Along with news characters and cosmetics, the new season will also bring new, challenging game modes. From what the preview showcased, players will have task-based levels where they will have to move objects to accomplish certain objectives. This would make it quite competitive, considering there are 59 other players trying to do the same.

Moreover, Season 2 will also feature 4 special skins for Ninja, Mr Beast, G2 Esports, and Aim Lab. These four entities helped raise $1 million for Special Effect, a charity that enables gamers with disabilities. The official Fall Guys channel put out an open bid for the same, and these four secured their official ‘beans’ for a great cause.

The new season kicks-off for Fall Guys kicks-off on October 8 for PS4 and PC players.

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