Fall Guys Set to Receive Major Upgrade This Week

September 7, 2020 6:18 pm

The presence of cheaters in any video game is awfully frustrating. If this is the case in a battle royale, then it becomes a real cause of concern. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been flooded with cheaters in the last couple of days. The developers have now finally addressed the issue on Twitter.

Fall Guys apologized to the community for the rising number of cheaters. The bright side to this news is that the developers are implementing a new system this week to make things better for players. The game is set to introduce the same anti-cheats used in what is arguably the biggest battle royale game in existence -Fortnite.

Fall Guys’ announcement has led to some heated debate in the community. Although Fortnite is a bigger game and an even bigger Esport, time and time again players have encountered cheaters.

The recent FNCS tournament was under much heat because players were accused of teaming up while others used hacks. That being said, one of the major problems Fall Guys has faced is players using speed hacks.

For the unaware, speed hacks can give its user a momentary advantage to move past opponents at blazing speed. This can come off as costly since players go through different levels competing with each other to avoid being eliminated. Speed and timing are crucial in many circumstances, and it is easy to understand why a single hack has caused many headaches.

Shroud is not a fan of cheaters in Fall Guys

A few days back, prominent streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek showcased the number of cheaters in Fall Guys during his Twitch stream. He encountered multiple hackers, one of whom even cost him a match.

Shroud was vocal about cheaters in the game. He wasn’t a big fan of the outcomes of matches changing because of such hacks. With such major streamers voicing their concerns, the developers had to respond.

It is unclear just how much Fortnite’s anti-cheat system will end up helping Fall Guys. The gaming community is over this decision and will have to wait till it is actually implemented before arriving at any conclusions.

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