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Fall Guys: The Next Big Battle Royale?

Fall Guys: The Next Big Battle Royale?

If you have not heard about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout yet, it is time you catch on. The new title by Mediatonic has taken gamers by surprise. Battle Royales have been the most anticipated games for the past few years now. However, Fall Guys gives BRs a different twist. The game is so addictive that it has streamers believe it might be the next best thing. A look at the numbers, stacked up by Fall Guys, does allude to the same.

A very small team developed this game, inspired by game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout. A cheerful game in itself, Fall Guys is officially the 3rd most popular game on Steam right now. It is right behind Dota 2 and CS: GO, which are free to play. In PS4, Falls Guys comes free with PS+.

Popularity has its cons as well. The game was thronging with hackers by the second day of release. Also, the game has been made by a very small team. It had a lot of issues and even had to be taken offline for some time, right on the day of its release.

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What are Popular Streamers saying about Fall Guys?

Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout has provided everyone with a fresh start. Both Fortnite and Warzone have been having problems lately. Be it the gun glitch in Verdansk or hackers in FNCS, streamers are raging every now and then.

Fall Guys is cheerful and funny. There is no bloody death that you can experience. You just fall and get eliminated. Who knew the lockdown therapy for gamers would be jumping beans?

SypherPK even posted a video on his YouTube channel where he basically explains the game to his viewers. He does end up losing but makes it to the last round quite heroically. The last circle expert in Fortnite still couldn’t jump his bean high enough to grab the crown.

Twitch broadcaster Pedguin encountered a hacker, who was running at insane speeds in the final round;

Dr Disrespect fans are bringing on the crossover, hard and fast. The Two Time retweeted this design today;

Even Lazarbeam is grinding it out;

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout might just be on its way to becoming one of the best Battle Royale ever. Look out for its release on Xbox and other platforms.

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