Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to Get Tougher With this New Update?

September 3, 2020 5:10 pm

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a surprise entry in the list of titles released this year. It features 25 mini-games that serve as obstacles that players must go through to qualify for the next round. Players can go up against each other and also participate in team challenges to be the last man standing.

Fall Guys was free for PlayStation users with a PS+ subscription in August. Due to this, it became the most downloaded monthly PS Plus game of all time.

Those who thought Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was tough in its current form, should know that Mediatonic is planning on making it tougher. ‘Big Yeetus’ is a new update that could take things up a notch and might make its appearance in season 2. Fall Guys confirmed this news on their official Twitter account.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout- ‘Big Yeetus is Chaotic Neutral’

Despite spending hours playing the game, most players haven’t been able to get their hands on the crown. This update might make the animated battle royale even tougher.

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Fall Guys has only featured 25 mini-games till now. However, Mediatonic has now announced that a slew of updates will be rolling out soon. From these, Big Yeetus has the potential to keep players on their toes as they try to battle it out to be the lone survivor at the end of the game.

Big Yeetus has the ability to be an infuriating update that will appear at random moments in Fall Guys to “shake things up”. The Big Yeetus tweet showed a single, troubled Fall Guy who tried to make it out of a platform only to be crushed by giant watermelons.

Players complain of lack of content

Fall Guys has recently been challenged on the basis of content. Players feel that the game doesn’t have enough game modes or variety and it tends to get monotonous after a point.

Season 2 is bound to arrive soon. The Big Yeetus announcement has made it clear that Mediatonic is aware of the plight of the players.

Mediatonic hasn’t revealed an official date for the update yet. It is also possible that the idea might be scrapped if it fails to work out. But the possibility of new threats in courses the players are still trying to get used to sounds pretty exciting.


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