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Fan Comes Up With Potential Buffs And Rework Concepts For Apex Legends

Fan Comes Up With Potential Buffs And Rework Concepts For Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 is set to begin on May 12, which will also mark the end of Season 4. Respawn will also add a new Battle Armor LTM, which will have four phases from April 28 through May 12. Meanwhile, players have spotted few in-game teasers, and more are on their way in the upcoming days, as the developers prepare for the game’s next chapter.

While leaks are widespread surrounding the new season, there are some fresh fan concepts too for potential buffs and reworks for some characters. Popular Apex Legends data miner and content creator, iLootGames has shared some of these ideas which were provided to him by an Apex fan named wicked_fool (do check him out). iLootGames uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he showcases the fan-made designs in detail.

Potential Buffs and Rework for Apex Legends Characters


  1. Totally Psyched Out (Tactical Ability)– Sends out a decoy that can interact with zip lines, ladders, and balloons. Each new decoy cancels the previous one, and there is a 2-second delay.
  2. Sleight of Hand (Passive Ability)– Deploys cloak while stationary, using any consumable or reviving a teammate. You are not entirely invisible while cloaked.
  3. Emergency Dance Party (Ultimate Ability)– Deploys five decoys that mirror your actions to distract enemies while you stay invisible.


  1. D.O.C Heal Drone (Tactical Ability)– Calls your Drone Of Compassion to heal nearby teammates automatically overtime.
  2. Real Combat Medic (Passive Ability)-Starting to revive a teammate allows D.O.C to take over and finish the revive so that you can stay in combat. A shield ring also surrounds D.O.C during the revive. Moreover, revived teammates come back with more health, and healing items are used 25% faster.
  3. Circle of Trust (Ultimate Ability)– Teammates within its vicinity are hit with three healing pulses, with each one providing 25 health. Allows full mobility during the pulses, so you don’t have to stop moving.
  1. Stimmed Up (Tactical Ability)– Move 30% faster for 6 seconds at the cost of health. While stimmed, you can throw grenades further, aim down sights, reload, and swap weapons more quickly. Physical skills, like jumping and climbing, are also improved slightly.
  2. Swift Mend/Swift End (Passive Ability)– Automatically restores health over time when out of combat. Use a stim on a downed opponent to make them bleed out faster.
  3. Launch Pad (Ultimate Ability)– Deploys a jump pad that catapults teammates in the air. As an experienced jumper, you get more lift and distance than the other legends.


  1. Nox Gas Trap (Tactical Ability)– Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies. Friendly gas clouds are green while enemy ones are orange.
  2. Nox, Nox..Who’s There? (Passive Ability)– It allows you to see enemies through your gas. While inside the cloud, you return some of the damage dealt for your health. Teammates cannot see enemies instead have lesser adverse effects caused by your gas.
  3. Acid Reign (Ultimate Ability)– Launch a canister filled with a concentrated dose of Nox gas long-range or directly above to rain down on the enemies. Launch in any direction and then manually trigger when to explode. The further from the ground it explodes, the longer it takes for the gas to rain.
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