Fan Offers Solution to Carlos Sainz to Prevent Ricciardo Attacks

A few days ago, McLaren driver Carlos Sainz became the unfortunate victim of a Daniel Ricciardo prank. While in an interview with Spanish TV channel Movistar, Carlos Sainz was unexpectedly hit in the groin by Ricciardo. The Australian driver sneaked underneath the view of the camera before executing the attack.

In response, a Twitter user posted an image of a groin guard for Sainz to wear to “handle anything those Renault boys can throw at it”. The crotch guard even has Sainz’s racing number and the words, ‘Big cojones’. This is not the first time such a prank has occurred, sometimes, Romain Grosjean unexpectedly hits the crotches of his fellow Haas F1 team members.

Afterwards, that Twitter user contemplated making a similar one for the other McLaren driver, Lando Norris. Coming back to the ‘vicious groin attack’, Sainz admitted on Twitter that his right testicle was still smarting during the last 12 laps

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Dhruv George