Fan Recreates 2018 F1 Intro With an Unusual Theme

March 7, 2019 9:09 pm

Recently, it transpired that Liberty Media is planning to implement a new F1 theme for the coming season. According to the official Formula One twitter handle, the theme will be more of an electronic music number.

A 3-second teaser was even released earlier today, with the entire theme expected to drop on Friday. As it turned out, a number of fans disliked it as they had warmed up to Brian Tyler’s theme.

Earlier, a fan decided to bring back the childhood of every 90s kid by using F1. The fan took last year’s introduction and somehow managed to infuse the theme song of the Pokemon anime.

The best part was that the theme was surprisingly in sync with the video. Whatever, the case, it was nostalgia fuel for many.

With that in mind, the hype for the coming season has amped up even more. The big question on everyones’ mind is, ‘can Ferrari keep up their testing pace?’ ‘Will Mercedes be able to fix all their gremlins?’ ‘Can Red Bull challenge for wins with Honda power?’.

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