Fan Recreates Meth Lab from ‘Breaking Bad’ in Animal Crossing

January 7, 2021 8:29 pm

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, since the title’s inception, has never failed to surprise players. From designing custom firework patterns to customizing and creating their own clothing designs, the players have done it all.

The devs, too, keeping in mind the creativity of its patrons, have tweaked certain aspects of the game to enable everyone to create an island of their own.

Several players, over the last few months, have recreated scenes from their favorite TV shows. A Reddit user a few weeks back recreated a popular scene from popular American sitcom, ‘The Office’.

It is important to note that these are not identical recreations but boast an identical premise. Yet another Reddit user has created the ‘meth lab’ from the famous TV show ‘Breaking Bad’.

Those who are familiar with the concept of the show will remember the lab Walter White set up in Jesse Pinkman’s basement. This is exactly what the user has tried to recreate, and from the looks of it, they have been pretty successful.

Animal Crossing player creates a meth lab as an ode to Breaking Bad

The most breathtaking feature of this recreation is the attention to detail. The user has included an inset running in the background to portray how he has kept the lab unkempt.

As expected, this recreation broke the internet. Animal Crossing players from across the world dropped in to collect the code that will allow them to replicate the design.

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Another Reddit user created a fully functioning noodle bar similar to those found in Japan. Here too, the attention to detail is one of the best features.

It is possible that the devs added the stall and other designs as part of the New Year’s update. This just reiterates that not every item is easy to locate.

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This creativity has also enabled the title to receive some glorious awards. Animal Crossing won the award for the best ‘Family Game’ at The Game Awards this year. Additionally, it was also shortlisted for the game of the year award.

A new year has begun, and heaps of new events are on the horizon. Keep watching this space for regular updates on the same!

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