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Fan Stabbed to Death after the Galatasaray – Fenerbahçe Derby

Fan Stabbed to Death after the Galatasaray – Fenerbahçe Derby

A still from an encounter between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe

After the derby game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe in the Turkish Super League, fans of the rival sides had a heated debate, which eventually seemed to have resulted in the death of one of the fans.

Ajansspor reported that two people were watching the match in a cafe, when they started to argue about what is yet unknown. The debate quickly turned into a fight and then they were reported to have parted their ways.

Later one of the fans went to other’s house and tried to shoot in him with a gun. It was reported that the bullets did not hit his intended target when the other person came out with a knife to stab him. He got injured on various parts of his body and died on the spot.

The Police are still known to be investigating the incident.

While the reason for the killing is yet unknown, the frustration of the derby being a goalless draw might be one of the reasons.

Sunday’s derby was the 390th meeting of the two teams between which the rivalry goes back to as long as 110 years. In that century, Fenerbahçe beat Galatasaray 146 times and was go beaten 123 times, scoring 535 goals and conceding 485. Narrowing it down to the Super Lig, the Istanbul based club Fenerbahçe emerged victorious over their rivals on 50 occasions Galatasaray managed to win 33 times.

The draw left Galatasaray at nine points in six games, occupying the second position in the Super Lig, while Fenerbahçe’s 11 points after playing the same number of games as their rivals sees them at the seventh place. Fenerbahçe coach Ersun Yanal said his side was on the pitch seeking an away victory.

“Our expectation was to score and win,” he said after the match. “We controlled the game in the late minutes and we could have gone ahead, we were the closer side to score. We want to maintain and develop (this) playing mentality.”

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