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Fans Demand Sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after a Disappointing Result at Sheffield

Fans Demand Sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after a Disappointing Result at Sheffield

Manchester United’s 17 points after 13 league games is much more closer to the club at the bottom of the Premier League than at the top. They just managed to remain in the top half of the table, a position above Tottenham and a position below Arsenal. Their comeback against PSG in the early days of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the helm now seems as far as the top of the Premier League table, and also that much more improbable.

Every match that Manchester United play now just seems a step closer to Solskjaer’s sacking. At least the reaction from fans after Sunday’s draw against Sheffield United felt in that manner.

The match could well have ended in a defeat, if not for three academy graduates- who turned it around for Manchester United in a space of seven minutes- and of course David de Gea without whom, a few more goals could have easily went in for Sheffield.

An inspired performance in the final few minutes, however, could not win Manchester United the match, neither could it save Solskjaer from the disgrace from fans.

Here is how fans on twitter wanted Solskjaer to be sacked:

Solskjaer’s team that did not look like scoring for a major part of the game, sparked to life in the 72nd minute. Asked what sparked his team’s fight after a dismal first half, Solskjaer told Sky Sports: “Sometimes football is beyond tactics. The energy compared to ours in the first half and then we get that goal and we start to believe. The difference in the team this year compared to last is huge. They never give in. Last year we would have gone four or five down instead of coming back. We would not have been able to come back.”

“Sheffield United looked like they wanted it more than us and believed in their game plan more than we did. We did not have a shot on target first half which is not acceptable,” Solskjaer said.

Just when Manchester were thinking about a victory, Oli McBurnue scored in the 90th minute to level the score. Soslkjaer got the stick from fans for the overall performance in the match and the season so far.


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