FaZe BANKS Gives Less Than Flattering Take On PS5 and Xbox Series X in Favor of PCs

November 19, 2020 9:16 pm

Only a handful of organizations in the world are as recognizable as FaZe Clan. This is primarily because they have conquered games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and even Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. FaZe BANKS is an American pro-gamer and co-owner of the organization, who is notoriously famous for his outspoken personality.

BANKS has been the nucleus of the organization for years. He has guided the organization to great heights frequently but has also led it into some murky waters at times. Recently, he caught the public eye yet again when he trashed PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series.

A journalist spotted BANKS and asked for his honest opinion on the new-gen consoles and if he had purchased one. BANKS, with no hesitation, suggested that the gamers should spend their dough on a PC instead.

FaZe BANKS is unimpressed with the new-gen consoles

The host of a famous Esports talk show covered the entire incident. BANKS scrambled to the journalist to give his two cents on the consoles. The argument over PC and consoles is one that has never and might never see an end. However, BANKS suggested that purchasing a PC would be a comprehensible move.

“Yo, listen, I am gonna break it down for you guys. Serious, real shit. The console guys are 2020. Microsoft, love you, Sony, love you. F**k Xbox, f**k PlayStation. Stack your bread, buy a f***ing PC. Buy a good machine, a big f***ing, you know what I mean? Seriously!”


What caused BANKS’ frantic response?

While unlikely, his comments could have stemmed from the number of issues users have reported. Xbox Series X released on November 10 and users have reported several issues with its hardware.

In several videos on Twitter, users have complained of the disc drive not accepting disks and some even reported that the console was emanating a loud noise before ultimately shutting down.

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PlayStation 5 patrons are more or less sailing in the same boat. Users have reported that transferring data has become an endless process, causing the console to overheat. Adding on to that, users have also lost all of their saved data in this process.

However, both the consoles have generated an enormous amount of anticipation worldwide, which is perhaps unmatched by a PC. It is important to note that choosing to use a console, or a PC is a personal prerogative.

It also depends on the availability of resources. Some users spend over $1000 gathering the right components for their PC, while others stick with a $500 console. Be that as it may, gaming is the ultimate winner as more and more titles are being made available on both PC and consoles.

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