FaZe Sway And Bugha Reignite the Fortnite KBM vs Controller Debate

June 2, 2020 8:15 pm

Fortnite battle royale has centered around certain controversial elements for as long as we can remember. For instance, the old map – people keep requesting its return. 

Another one would be the keyboard and mouse vs. controller debate. Epic Games try their best to salvage the situation on every occasion. However, its the content creators who are to be thanked equally. They bring out the flaws and exploits already present or new after some fix. 

Recently, the team of Bugha, Yuldi FC and Faze Sway moved on the controller debate further. Their opponents were, TSM Khanada 1st, Jaden Shots, NRG Unknown. So, one can naturally expect a close tussle. However, it was anything but close.

Thanks to a video by Fortnite Moments on Youtube, we got some clarity about this incident. 

Bugha and Sway show how Fortnite should be played

Their discussion started with how the reticle affects or does not affect the aim-assist. Naturally, the controller players started raising the finer details about what they think. It is almost next to impossible to aim without a reticle, even for keyboard players.

When it comes to 4v4 challenges like these, teams need to work efficiently. They need to have strong faith in what their partner will do in case things get out of hand.

Bugha and Sway’s team, however, literally toyed with their opponents.

Now, this did eventually spark the old controversy back to life. However, there were not many verbal instances that showed any kind of hostility. Mostly, it was just a display of triumphant skills from Bugha and Sway’s team.

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Controller Vs. Keyboard and Mouse debate

Have you ever faced someone in a match who makes you feel like a bot? Well, Bugha and Say did just that to NRG Unknown. While the discussion about the controller faded away, we cannot forget it. 

Fortnite is becoming a game which is quite favorable for controller players. Despite’s Epic’s attempts, it is being proven even in competitions. Recently, Epic also promised to change a lot of things with Season 3. One needs to realize that the KBM vs. Controller debate will not subside until a permanent solution comes up. 

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