Fede Valverde and His Masterclass of a Tackle

January 14, 2020 12:48 am

Fede Valverde is being hailed a tactical winner for Real Madrid as they lifted the Supercup on Sunday. The foul on Morata is now being claimed to be “The Greatest Professional Foul Ever”.

The match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid is always packed with drama. The amount of finals the teams have shares itself speaks for their rivalry. Sunday night was no different as both the teams from Madrid met in the Supercup Espana.

Match remained even for both the teams in the 90 minutes even though Real created more chances. Atletico did reply back with a few counter-attacks of their own but both of them couldn’t find the back of the net.

Tackle by Fede Valverde

As time progressed so did the tension in the atmosphere. The crowd got up on their seats at the 115th minute when Morata was brought down by Fede Valverde.

Morata received a glorious pass which he latched on to near the kickoff circle. Valverde was the last man standing as Morata ran past him. There was nothing between Cortuois and Morata as the game seemed like a certain loss for Real.

Fede Valverde runs behind Morata and seeing no other option, he tackles Morata and grabs him on the leg. Being nowhere near the ball, and the last man standing, Valverde was shown a straight red card.

This was a necessary evil Valverde had to do to make sure their team doesn’t go down. This is why I was said to be a tactical masterclass by the youngster as he ensured his side the win. Stopping a certain goal, and knowing the time boundation, a brilliant red card was taken by him. Diego Simeone also praised the lad for his tactical awareness in the match and believes he won it for the team.

The Apology to Morata

The 21yr old later said “I’ve apologized [to Morata]. It’s not good what I did, but I had to do that,” He later added When the penalties ended, I waited and I then I ran [onto the pitch]. They congratulated me, but it’s for everyone.

“For those who played, those who didn’t and those who gave advice at half time. It’s a triumph of the team.”

Real went on to defeat Atletico on penalties. Fede Valverde was named man of the match, despite the red card. The youngster showed great promise for the Spanish club.

The 11th trophy of SuperCup came after they won against Valencia in the semi-finals. The finals was a similar result as Zidane makes a record of never losing a final with Real Madrid.


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