Roger Federer: 5 Topmost Controversies

October 21, 2015 7:27 pm
  1. When his wife played a hand with Stan Wawrinka

Apparently, Mirka Federer was way too much animated in Federer’s match with Stan Wawrinka in the ATP Tour Semifinal 2014. In the final stages of the game ES believes that Mirka had accused Wawrinka of whining. Wawrinka failed to convert 3 match points that too in the crucial service game at 5-4, before Federer took the match. He then backed out from the final apparently because he wasn’t “match fit”. Who knows there might be another reason to that!!

2. When Federer supported India instead of Pakistan

Roger Federer had hurted the sentiments of his Pakistani fans when he supported India in the 2015 World Cup Match of India vs Pakistan. He tweeted his pic wearing the Indian Jersey with a #BleedBlue . Lots of Pakistani fans took that way too seriously and had some interesting comments in response to Federer’s tweet.

One of them was: “Roger Federer supporting India? Let me kill myself. WHY GOD WHY YOU TESTING ME?”

He had to ultimately apologize to his fans for hurting their sentiments!

3.When he came in the line of fire of Boris Becker!

Boris Becker- a legend in the game of tennis and also the coach of Novak Djokovic had some interesting views on the relationship between Federer and Novak in his book :” Wimbledon: My Life and Career at the All England Club”. He elucidates that Federer is earning money only due to his brand image and he wouldn’t make enough if he were to be truly judged by his character.

Federer instead of getting back at Becker shunned the topic by saying “Books are there to be sold,” “I read into that [comment] a bit more like that.”

4.The Double Bounce Drama

Andy Murray became furious with the referee in the quarter final match of Australian Open 2014 following a controversial decision of Federer getting the point even though the video replays showed that he had scooped up the ball after the second bounce. Roger asked them not to show the replay again and again as it looked controversial. Federer broke Murray’s serve in the same game and even went on to win the match afterwards!

5.When he offended the British

Even the seven-time Wimbledon Champion couldn’t break away from the English when he wore a pair of white and silver Vapor 9 Tours with a vibrant orange sole in the 2013 Wimbledon championship, which was clearly too much. They were banned after one match only, and Federer was defeated in the second round.

Edited By : Akanksha Agarwal

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