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Federer Opens up on Life with his Children

Federer Opens up on Life with his Children

Roger Federer has surprised himself when it comes to handling multiple roles. Namely, of being a father, husband and a tennis player, at the same time. When his wife Mirka gave birth to daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, Federer thought his career was over.

With a son, the tennis player’s life gets complicated,‘ Federer admitted. ‘For men, it was like putting an end on their career. Now Serena (Williams) becomes a mother and comes back to the court.

Travelling is easier. Being honest, I was very worried when Mirka said that (twins were to be born). We didn’t know if it would work. Two children together and then two girls. But if footballers manage to do it, why not tennis players? Tennis is a challenge, the body machine is exigent.

Roger Federer

But taking care of children is a job that you can do full time. For now. I am doing it, I am there when I need to do and sometimes I am surprised about it. Children are not happy when I leave home. So it will be them (who will) decide when I end my career and it will happen soon.‘ Federer added: ‘Stopping won’t be brutal, I have a lot of friends, many arms ready to comfort me.

He confessed that if one day his children did not want to follow him around the world he would tell Mirka: it’s finished. It’s not like this yet. It’s not just because of injuries that I play less. Playing more tournaments I would make my dear ones’ life more monotonous.

Too many tournaments are too much travel and too many packages. People spend money to see me. I can’t play a tournament (by) being bored and tired. When I play a tournament, I have to be fired (up).’

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