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Roger Federer-‘Many are playing with a hybrid-string’

Roger Federer-‘Many are playing with a hybrid-string’

Roger Federer, after a bitter and disappointing loss in the US open at the Flushing Meadows, has already moved on and treated the loss as a bad day at the office and nothing more. Federer explained the reasons for his loss and said that he could barely breathe because of the roof situation at the US open. While for the novice it might seem like a superficial reason to loose a match, the top players in the world find even the slightest changes in the conditions or the environment magnified in effect.

Federer’s loss against MIllman was the first time he ever lost against a player ranked outside the top 50 in the past ten years

Federer spoke about how even the new paint color on the racquet, changed the feel of his strokes. “On the racket there is an elastic paint, and this feels slightly different when you play with it. But because I had enough time to try it out, I got used to it as well. At the time I also had the feeling that the shiny paint plays a little bit different than the matte black paint. I always played with the matte black paint and Wilson wanted a more shiny one”, said Federer.

Federer signing off a few racquets

He also added, “Now I combine them and maybe it’s only in my head, but I think you feel a small difference in the paint. After a couple of tournaments and many hours of training, you get used to everything”. With the kind of research going on in sports currently, the big and elite brands are always innovative and have always prompted players to change their racquets or strings or grips, often helping them to achieve a greater amount of success in their career.

”Many are playing with a hybrid-string or fully polyester strings. The natural gut string is almost fully gone. So, I did the transfer and it took a little bit of time”, said Federer.  “I also changed 2002 to the Luxilon to a natural gut string. To the mix of both. It showed up as a good decision. It felt like, it helped me a lot with the topspin, a bit more safeness, the ball stays more in the field.”

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