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Federer was ‘Scared and Sad’ Last Year

Federer was ‘Scared and Sad’ Last Year

At the Canadian Open, Roger Federer soundly defeated Peter Polansky to enter the Round of 16. Later, during the press conference, he opened up about the 2016 season where he had started to doubt himself. He said that when he went into surgery, he was really sad. “I was rather worried about how I was going to come out of it. When I did come out of it, I was happy I woke up again. I was sad that I had an operated knee. It was actually quite emotional for me. I was scared, as well, at the same time just to be in pain, of the unknown, I guess”

Roger Federer

Federer compared this season to the 2006 season and admitted that he didn’t think that the current season would start of on a similar vein to the 2006 season. But he was glad to be completely healthy and that was all that mattered. The break had given him enough time to recuperate and give him a different mindset. “I could speak differently to the press. Rather than saying, I’m here, hopefully first goal is a quarters, maybe a semis, and if I’m there, maybe I can win the tournament. It was quite nice to come into Australia and say, Look, even if I win first round, I leave injury-free, it’s better than playing semis, being injured, having to have surgery.”

Andy Roddick

Federer even spoke about Andy Roddick being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was told that Roddick told the press that Roger was the first to congratulate him and that he was humbled and touched. “I knew it was going to be emotional for him and his team and his family and everybody. Yeah, getting into the Hall of Fame, being a Hall of Famer, is a big, big deal. So I wanted to be there and make him know that I was there with him, and I cared for him, and I wished him only the best. watched the entire speech that he had when he got inducted. I just thought, I have to. So many memories with Andy. I like the guy so much. Can’t wait to see him again and talk to him about it.”

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