Serena Williams and Roger Federer in Melbourne

Over the last few days, Serena Williams controversy has taken a toll over almost all the tennis platforms and Roger Federer has finally spoken about the issue. Tennis should bring some changes to avoid such incidents. In the past, even Federer dealt with the similar situations as Serena.

Federer at 2018 US Open
Federer at US Open this year

“It’s interesting but I think it’s important to look at it,” Federer said. “Every umpire has their own style, it’s just how it is in any sport. In tennis, you might have an umpire that gives more coaching violations and another guy goes more to time violation. You might get one guy who knows that this guy misbehaves quite often so I’ll give him a warning quicker or I’ll be more lenient with a guy because he’s a nice guy and just can’t control himself. I think it really depends on the situation.”

Williams held the umpire Carlos Ramos accountable for sexism during her US Open finals. Her loss to Osaka was smacked with a series of code violations during the match. Williams stamped a “liar” and “thief” label on Ramos. The match turned out to be one of the bizarre finals in the tennis history.  The modern era of tennis should be free from the concept of gender discrimination. He anticipates that wasn’t the dilemma which took place in the Arthur Ashe Stadium of a Grand Slam final.

The situation at Flushing Meadows was a disgrace to tennis. Everyone commits mistakes at every stage of their lives. With some amount of maturity, such circumstances can be averted. Federer also mentioned about the duty of the umpires as he says, “At the same time they have to do their job, you know, that’s what we also want them to do. So it’s been tricky but a really interesting case to study in my opinion.”

Earlier this week, Ramos delivered a code violation to Marin Cilic for slamming his racquet on the clay during a Davis Cup match. He said he was doing “fine” after his prolonged quarrel with Williams.


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