Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Life couldn’t be better – or more surprising – for Roger Federer as the 33-year-old stands at an 86% win rate this year with an ATP Ranking of 2 second to only Novak Djokovic. Roger Federer recently climbed back to the world no. 2 ranking after beating Giles Simon 7-6, (6), 7-6 (2) in the Shanghai Masters, and thus far his next goal is to win the Davis Cup for his homeland Switzerland. Roger Federer’s longtime agent, Tony Godsick, believes that there a lot of possibilities in store for Federer this season. “Lots of candy to put in the trick-or-treat basket near the end of the year,” he said, as quoted by The New York Times.

Since Wimbledon 2012, Roger Federer remains without a Grand Slam title, but his chances of having the year-end world no. 1 ranking seems feasible. Just after his recent victory at the Shanghai Masters, Federer displaced his Spaniard rival, Rafael Nadal, and became the world no. 2.

Truly, he has come back to becoming the genius that we have all known him to be.

The one thing about Roger that has been evident over the past few months has been the marked difference in style of play. Roger seems to have come up with his top game on regular occasions after an arguable slump last year. He has returned with those classy down the line winners, majestic volleys and immaculate serves. Just as records suggest, he has had a tremendous run lately.

Lately,we have gotten to see Federer’s mastery at regular intervals. This lies beyond being able to hit all shots and angles and combines a number of intangible factors, including fluid strokes with little mental interference, genius in constructing points, seamless transitions from defence to offense, an intuitive understanding of his opponent’s options and a clear, calm mind that executes instantly. His brilliance has been fully characterised by the gift to come up with impeccable shots that rebel even the most inspired of imaginations. Yes, Federer is back in the big leagues again and this time, he is to stay.

Next week, the 17-time Grand Slam champion is set to return to Basel. However, instead of practicing indoors to prepare for the upcoming home event, he is already looking forward to the Davis Cup finals in November on the red clay in Lille, France, according to his tweet with a photo of dirty shoes on clay captioned, “Claycourt practice #dirtysocks #sliding #grinding.”

International Business Times previously reported that the Swiss Maestro insists that he will not go out of his way to achieve the year-end world no. 1 ranking and might go for the Davis cup instead, which is arguably the biggest omission from his record thus far.

The top seed admitted on Tuesday that his current positive situation even has him surprised, with Switzerland playing a Davis Cup final in France next month. Federer has been training on clay for the Davis Cup showdown but is now back to total concentration on the slow indoor hard court at the St Jakobshalle, where he has figured in the last eight finals at the stadium where he got his start in the game as a ball boy.
Federer has a unique connection with the Swiss Indoors. The event is held in Basel, close to his ancestral home. His mom, Lynette, used to be part of the organising team. Federer’s first appearance there as a player was In 1998, almost four year after his stint there as a ball boy; also the year he turned pro.
“It’s a nice feeling being back in an arena that I know so well and have had so much success,” said the 17-time Grand Slam winner who opens on Wednesday in the first round against Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller.

“There is no panic about the tournament any more, like there was maybe five, 10, 15 years ago when it all started for me. It feels great right now, I’m happy I’m playing so well since the (spring) birth of (twin sons) Leo and Lenny,” said the recent Shanghai champion.

We will soon see Roger back in action, rejuvenated and with new aspirations in mind. I’m sure no tennis fan has second thoughts about Federer’s age playing a hinderance anymore. He is an inspiration for sportspersons and spectators everywhere, with his commitment and undying zest for the sport.

As a fan,Roger is the most ravishing because he makes us feel memories, he makes us want to hold them in our hands, and he shows what should be done with the time that remains, live it, as he showers his magic. In a rejoicing, victorious way. With the onset of a heavily packed schedule for Roger, we wish him the best in his oncoming matches and look forward to seeing the legend re-occupy the number 1 spot and re-create more of the timeless moments that we all are dying to see once more.


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