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Federer on umpire: “I thought what was his argument”

Federer on umpire: “I thought what was his argument”

After his disheartening defeat, the calm and composed Roger Federer was received to be a bit aggrieved during his match against Nishikori. Federer received a code violation during his opening match at the Nitto ATP finals. The usual serenity in the Swiss was missing in his match against Nishikori. It is a rare event for Federer to receive a code violation. The event occurred all because he slammed a ball with immense exertion. Which reached a hospitality box in the venue’s furthermost corner. The Swiss player was 6-5 0-30 up against the Japanese player’s serve in the opening set. However, he was unfortunate to lose the set.

“I thought what was his argument, why the warning?” said Federer. “He thought I was angry. I wasn’t, now I’m angry because I lost, but I wasn’t then. He knows me very well apparently, or he thought so. I think it plays definitely slower than the last three tournaments I’ve played, so I think everybody’s making a minor adjustment. I’ve been feeling fine, it’s just that practice has been a bit all over the place. Practised at Queen’s, practised on the outside courts here, then centre as well, so it’s not always the exact same conditions. We both struggled through the first set, you could tell it was the first round.”

Also, Federer broke the Japanese’s serve in the second set but however, along with the quarrel with the umpire Nishikori avenged his break. The umpire refused a line call challenge on the basis it was too late. Federer now looks into his match against Dominic Thiem. Also the 37-year-old is playing his third within a month’s time. “I used to play exactly this schedule for fifteen years, this last part of the season, it’s just the clay has been less, I don’t see a major difference,” Federer said.

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