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Fernando Alonso and Mclaren F1 Set to Part Ways in 2020

Fernando Alonso and Mclaren F1 Set to Part Ways in 2020

Former F1 double world champion, Fernando Alonso will no longer associated himself with McLaren. The Spaniard previously worked as ambassador of the British marquee until the end of 2019.

It is believed that the former McLaren driver wishes to be a free agent in order to have a say on his own professional future. He even expressed interest in returning to the F1 fray in 2021, if a lucrative offer was on the table.

According to MARCA, the Spaniard is no longer McLaren’s ambassador, so this severs any chances of him racing in the Indy 500 with the Woking team.

How can Fernando Alonso race in the Indy 500?

In 2019, McLaren fielded Fernando Alonso in the iconic race, but their effort was a little half-hearted. Evidently, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and stained Alonso’s relationship with McLaren.

In addition to that, McLaren F1 team boss, Andreas Seidl wished to distance the team from him without affecting anything. So, the role of permanent tester was handed to Russian driver Sergei Sirotkin.

What this now means is that Alonso is free to negotiate with any IndyCar team and join a winning project in the United States. One excellent candidate could be the Andretti team, as they have fielded Alonso at the 500 before.

According to Alonso, “the most important for me and the absolute priority of 2020”, is a potential F1 return in 2021. It would seem that the Spaniard is eager to race under the new regulations. It will be interesting to see if he still has it in him to challenge at the top.

What is he doing now?

Recently, the 38-year old took part in the grueling Dakar Rally and finished in 13th. All this was in spite of him doing a double barrel roll. Luckily he was able to land, right side up, and continue on his way.

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