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Fernando Alonso Claims Himself to be One of F1’s Finest

Fernando Alonso Claims Himself to be One of F1’s Finest


The Canadian Grand Prix marks Fernando Alonso‘s 300th Grand Prix in F1. In the illustrious career he has had, he’s won 2 World Championships with Renault in 2005 and 2006, taken 32 victories and 97 podiums. Although his last victory came at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, he still remains one of the finest racers on the grid, only marked with unlucky career decisions.

His future currently hangs in balance, with reports pointing to a full time IndyCar shift in 2019. He’s been linked with alternate motor racing series for some time now. With no front runners seemingly fit for Fernando and McLaren failing to live up to the expectations, him moving somewhere else seems quite a big possibility.

Speaking on his career and his qualities, Fernando said, “I am one of the best to have raced in F1,”

“I am probably not the fastest in the race, or in the wet, but I am 9.5 in all areas. I try to benefit from that.”

“There are some opportunities missing,” he said. “I could have won four or five championships, but at the same time I feel extremely privileged to have had 18 years in F1.

“I have a lot of good memories. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but winning my two championships was definitely the high point.”

He will race for Toyota at Le Mans next week. It’ll be his first attempt at winning the prestigious race. When asked about his interests in other racing series, and whether he was bored of F1 or not, he said that he still enjoyed being a part of the series.

“It’s obviously the top series in motorsport, and it’s where we all dream to come, but it’s true that in the last years it is so predictable.

“This is race seven – there are 21 races – and we all know what is going to happen. You can play basketball, and have a magic night and score 40 points with your team-mates and win the game.

“There are favourites for the World Cup, but you can’t guarantee Germany, Spain or Brazil will win, but here everyone can guarantee that Mercedes or Ferrari will win the race, and this is very sad for the sport.”

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