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Fernando Alonso: El-Nino To Test McLaren’s 2019 Car Post Bahrain GP 2019

Fernando Alonso: El-Nino To Test McLaren’s 2019 Car Post Bahrain GP 2019

There can never be a day in the life of F1 without Fernando Alonso. The 2005 and 2006 world champion may not be a five-time winner or a four-time title clincher like Hamilton or Vettel, respectively.

But whatever Fernando Alonso does, wherever he goes, he manages to find the respect and adulation that he so worthily deserves.

To that end, when he bid the sport adieu, hanging his boots at the completion of the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso, who finished just behind Kevin Magnussen, on eleventh gave a lot many a lot to think about.

Did he call his retirement at the right time since he was still going strong, doing his best, albeit in a car that wasn’t a winner? Or was it the time to go and leave the space for another talent to test himself in the challenging world of F1?

While to this day, most of us may remain polarised with our answers, here’s Fernando Alonso back to the sport. Hey, hang on a second. It turns out that the former McLaren and Ferrari driver is all set to test McLaren’s 2019 car in the aftermath of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

So what’s this exactly about, Fernando?

Fernando Alonso
Carlos Sainz’ hero, Fernando Alonso will Test the McLaren (Autosport)

Autosport.com elaborated more on the developing story and to quote the revered platform on this, here’s what you ought to know:

Alonso will drive on both days, on each occasion at the wheel of an MCL34 McLaren is running to aid Pirelli’s tyre development.

He will get a full day of running on Tuesday before sitting out Wednesday morning so regular race driver Carlos Sainz Jr can drive, before returning to the track in the afternoon.

The above told, it remains to be seen as to what transpires in the desert. Will Ferrari bounce back and if yes, then how will Mercedes respond up ahead. Also, what will be Red Bull’s approach to the 57-lap contest, first held in 2004?

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