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Fernando Alonso Goes After Lewis Hamilton : ‘Keep Your Eating Habits to Yourself’

Fernando Alonso Goes After Lewis Hamilton : ‘Keep Your Eating Habits to Yourself’

Former F1 driver Fernando Alonso has hit out at world champion elect, Lewis Hamilton. The subject of his criticism is Hamilton’s latest social media postings promoting veganism.

The British driver is extremely close to his sixth drivers’ title, which could be wrapped up by Mexico. However, Lewis Hamilton stirred the hornets nest when he said he feels like “giving up” because people “don’t care about the environment”.

The Mercedes driver then proceeded to plug the idea of being a vegan, saying that it is the “only way to truly save our planet”.

Speaking about Hamilton’s comments, double world champion, Alonso told Cadena Cope: “I think I would keep my eating habits to myself.”

At the time of being asked about his former teammate, Alonso had launched a new collection of his Kimoa fashion label. It was worth noting that all the profits would be directed to a charity concerned with ocean pollution.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

He added: “I would never release a message like Lewis’. You can’t send out a message on one day, and on the next day do the opposite.

“We all know the lifestyle that Lewis has, and that Formula 1 drivers take 200 planes a year. You can’t then say ‘don’t eat meat’.”

The Spaniard then spoke about his new clothing line, where the sweatshirts are made from recycled plastic bottles.

“I believe that donating in full or doing the auction we are doing brings much more than anything we can say,” the two-time world champion said.

Although a number of rumours have linked Alonso to a potential return to Formula One, he has repeatedly denied it. However, he did admit that he would ‘consider’ a return in 2021, when the new rules come into effect.

He told Antena 3, “It is true that the cars will change in 2021 so next summer I will think about it. I cannot predict the future.”

Lewis Hamilton
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